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We Have Some of the Best Personal Trainers in the London 

City Trainers - Personal TrainingWe are proud to have personal trainers from City Trainers at our gym. The SE1 Gym bring you the best personal trainers in London and UK. We feature the best City Trainers and has always been impressed with their level of skill, expertise and attention to our clients.  To discover more about City Trainers click the link below

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Do you feel you are gaining the most from your exercise programme? If not, now is the time to add personal training to your exercise regime.

Our personal trainers will help you every step of the way. We offer personalised one to one fitness training by our team of professional, highly qualified enthusiastic and friendly trainers. Their aim is to help you achieve your goals and ambitions, to look good and feel great by creating a tailor-made solution in recognition of your unique fitness requirements. You see results in increased energy, targeted weight loss and higher levels of motivation.

Our trainers specialise in fat loss, sports specific, strength and conditioning, weight training, boxing training, structural balance, kick boxing, martial arts, TRX training, Kettlebell training, nutrition advice, cardio vascular, rehabilitation, yoga, pilates, swimming, core stability, massage, antenatal and post natal.

Examples of our Personal Training

Kettlebell training is great for both men and women and is a highly effective way to maximise a time constrained workout, strip fat, shape and tone as well as develop strength and stamina. Kettlebells strengthen backs and the core muscles very effectively. The ballistic nature of Kettlebell training (but without the impact) coupled with the fact that a big majority of Kettlebell training is done on your feet, makes this type of training a good way of combating the seated lifestyle that most of us either adopt or are forced into.

City Trainers can help and assist clients recovering from a variety of problems and injuries both chronic and acute. We work closely with doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other healthcare professionals to ensure that our clients are receiving the correct care and treatment delivered in the safest and most effective way. We have experience in working with rugby teams and tri-athletes with a variety of associated injuries as well as with individuals with stress related illness, heart conditions and back and spinal injuries.

Antenatal and Post Natal is another specialty offered by City Trainers. Many of you may not know that you can train when pregnant up until a week or so leading up to the birth, maintaining core strength,  helping with water retention, with a focus on good health for you and the baby.

Boxing training is great for beginners and advanced. Boxing is not just about learning how to punch it helps with fat loss, strength and core, power, coordination and agility. A fun way to improve your cardio at the same time as combating stress.

A balanced and varied diet is crucial in maintaining a healthy body weight and for keeping the shape we all work so hard to achieve. To maximise efficiency and to stay healthy, the body needs a variety of essential nutrients. The nutritional value of an individual’s diet will depend on the overall mixture of food over a given time as well as the needs of the individual.

The Best Personal Trainers

City Trainers are committed to providing the best to our members. You will be matched with one trainer depending on your requirements and personality. You can feel confident in their advice and their ability to achieve your exercise goals. Sessions are arranged at your convenience to allow you to make fitness a part of your life-style.

A personal trainer will help you gain maximum benefit from the time you spend exercising by improving your technique, increasing your motivation, introducing variety and helping you fully understand the potential of yourself both physically and mentally.

Personal training will lead to achievement and fulfilment not only in what you look like or how you feel but also increase your self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. Personal training will help you gain maximum benefit from the time you spend exercising, as you have the great advantage of the undivided attention of an exercise professional.

City Trainers personal trainers achieve the highest level of proficiency within the fitness industry and are trained to develop and supervise a training programme tailored to guide you towards your specific goals, whatever they may be. The full benefits of personal training are best obtained through a series of sessions and it is suited to every member of the public regardless of age or ability.

We will meet up for a consultation which is completely free and without obligation. After finding out about you, your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and goals, we will match you to your perfect trainer who will help you reach your goals.

Feel free to browse the profiles of our highly trained personal trainers, all here to help you achieve your fitness goals and personal well being.

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