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Welcome to the London’s best Gyms and Fitness clubs website, the best kept secret in SE1. This a website powered to help you find the best gyms in London, by the most dynamic fitness Geek in the town. Discover how this website bring you the best places you can go for a great workout in London. It’s our goal to help you find the best in London. SE1 GYM offers you a complete new way to get fit and feel exhilarated, while enjoying London to it’s fullest capacity.

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Do you want to get motivated by taking part in a fitness class? Or perhaps you simply fancy a swim in our plush swimming pool? You can begin your personal journey of discovery into health and fitness today by visiting a good Gym and Spa in London.

Join a Gym today and discover how to feel rejuvenated,whether your want to work out, do a class, have a swim or relax in our lounge with a refreshing drink, you are always greeted with a smile at the Gym and Spa.

Gyms-in-se1-LondonImagine a gym that takes care of all of your fitness, health and beauty needs in a warm and friendly environment. We pride ourselves on standing a world away from ‘impersonal’ chain style gyms, swamped turnstiles and ever changing staff.

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If you work or live in London and would be interested in membership or are perhaps curious to find out whether this is the perfect gym and pool for your health and well-being, please >>contact the best Gym that you can find on this website. We have carefully selected the best health and fitness centres that offers the best workouts in the city.

What else we can do for you through this health and fitness platform? 

There are some of the best City Trainers featured on this site and our personal training team offering personalised one to one fitness training. Specialising in all areas of fitness including strength training, fat loss, sports specific, weight training, nutrition advice, yoga, boxing training, pre and post natal, martial arts and rehabilitation. We can help you every step of the way, so get motivated.

For energising workouts discover the best kept secret and one of the best gyms in SE1 London

Pilates focuses on your core ‘power’ house and uses your own body weight as resistance, which means it is great for those trying to tone all over or to strengthen your back and core. For those of you who are looking for spin classes we are delighted to announce our new Kieser M3 spin bikes the best way to get a cardio workout in class form. Core strength classes include Cardio Kick, Circuits, Boot Camp, Legs Bums and Tums and a running club.

If you are looking to train outside we run a high intensity, fun and varied Boot Camp, a hard all over body work out for everyone. Conveniently located near London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

If you are pregnant or recently had a baby you will receive specialist advice and guidance throughout your pregnancy or post natal.

If you have an in injury or need specialist care there are fully qualified trainers specialising in postural alignment and structural rehabilitation to help you be pain free and prevent future injuries, so that you can get fit and feel great.

If your looking for fitness in Central London Bridge, Tower Bridge , or the SE1 area you will be made very welcome in what we think is the best kept secret and one of the best gyms in London.