Spa in London Gets Its Yoga Classes On

Best Yoga Classes in London UK

There’s nothing like an exercise that tackles cardio, flexibility, strength, lung capacity, and mental clarity all at the same time. Yoga combines balance and breathing control in a series of postures designed to restore the body from its cricks and stiffness of daily routines.

The Spa now offers Hatha Flow and Iyengar Yoga classes in the London Bridge area.Taking these yoga classes is one way to switch up your routine and enliven your desire to get to the gym.

Yoga Classes

Out of all the yoga classes in SE1, how do you choose the place that’s right for you? Read more to discover what sets Spa apart from other yoga classes in London Bridge.

Iyengar is a form of Hatha that focuses on posture and breathing. The sequence of its postures, of which there are over 200, changes from class to class to vary up your routine and encourage fresh focus. This differs from Bikram Yoga, which does the same 26 postures in the same order every class in 40.6° heat Not to mention, with Spa’s classes, you won’t sweat out a gallon of water.

As another option, Hatha Flow links the postures of your yoga practice to create one fluid motion throughout most of the class. It’s an intense physical workout with some challenging postures, such as inversions. However, Spa offers classes for all different levels, including beginners.

Not to mention, at The Spa is a great venue where fitness meets relaxation. This privately owned gym feels like a secret tucked away in its beautiful SE1 neighborhood. Do away with the corporate feel that is starting to take over yoga, and turn to a unique place that makes your yoga practice personal again. After your class you can relax in our sauna, or pool area, grab a coffee or even hit the gym for another work out.

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