What are Invengar Yoga Classes?

Invengar Yoga is a more traditionally based form of Hatha Yoga. The focus here is to get the postures and breathe control one hundred per cent correct. It is believed that, by focusing on accuracy, the system is a lot more effective. Free-form is actively discouraged here.

The Asanas

More than 200 traditional poses may be used. These range in difficulty from beginner to advanced levels so that a practitioner can slowly build up to the more advanced exercises.

More emphasis is placed on standing poses as these are believed to strengthen the legs and increase vitality, creating a solid foundation for the more advanced poses that will be required as you advance.

This form of yoga also allows for the use of props to better assist practitioners to correctly adopt each pose. (Not all yoga classes in SE1 will make use of props so ask your trainer first.)

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As with all forms of yoga, pranayama is an important concept here. Pranayama refers to breathing control and it is extremely important to get this right if you want to make the most of your yoga classes in London Bridge.

One usually breathes in when moving into a pose and breathes out when moving out of the pose. Getting the breathing right is vitally important because this is the cornerstone to getting the full benefit from yoga.

Most of us breathe far too shallowly throughout the day and this is believed to put a great deal of stress on the body and to inhibit vitality. The deep breathing required during yoga in London Bridge helps your body to cleanse and detoxify itself.

The Benefits

Studies have shown that Invengar Yoga is a useful form of physical therapy because it allows the gentle manipulation of injured or inflamed areas. It is especially useful for those with chronic back pain. It has also been shown to assist in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Overall, the focus required during a session, combined with the deep breathing, is an excellent treatment for stress. For more about yoga for beginners in SE1, click here. Hurry contact us for Registration for Yoga Classes.

What are Invengar Yoga Classes?