Best Orthodontist in London

Orthodontics LondonOrthodontics is also a field of dentistry which involves the use of various appliances to diagnose and treat teeth diseases. Also they are specialized in attaching braces to teeth. Braces are known to help in the proper alignment of teeth, close the gaps between teeth, correct improper bite and more. An individual with these kinds of teeth problems must immediately seek the help and angel orthodontics is the most recommended London Orthodontist in N1

At Angel Orthodontics you can get the best Braces which comes into different designs and rubber colours. There are also invisible braces having clear, tough plastic aligners which are easily detach when brushing, eating and flossing. This kind of brace must be worn by the patient 22-23 hours a day and need to be replaced after 12 months. Orthodontist defined the length of your treatment depending on the severity of your teeth. It may last from few months to 2 years.

Why Angel Orthodontics is the best in London?

Because they have been providing high quality services over the years and Dr. Fariba Banaie ismember of the British Orthodontic society, European Orthodontic society and World Federation of Orthodontics.

It is essential to look after your teeth once the treatment is done because braces may trap foods, plaque that may cause build up to your teeth. As soon as you need a cleaning treatment make sure you seek the advice of your orthodontist. Meanwhile, it is important to know the proper care of your brace and teeth.

  1. Go to your orthodontist for continuous check up and treatment.
  2. Clean your teeth very well every day. Bear in mind that braces are delicate so you have to be careful.
  3. Reduce intake of sugary foods and beverages.
  4. Avoid eating hard and sticky foods because braces are delicate.
  5. Brush your teeth at least 2 minutes using fluoride toothpaste twice a day.
  6. Use mouthwash if needed.
  7. Your dentist might recommend specific toothpaste so look for the direction before using it.

It is difficult to prevent having tooth decay or any disease, however having self action can lessen the possibility. Every one of us would love to smile with clean, healthy and strong teeth.

With that been said if you are looking to get great smile while living in London, you may visit Angel Orthodontist and get a consultations.