Spa Benefits at the Circle Spa

Circle Spa

Spa Benefits at the Circle Spa

Those looking for a bit of exercise or special treatment in the Tower Bridge district of London needn’t look any further than the spa benefits at the Circle Spa. Resident of the SE1 postcode area have quickly learned that Circle Spa offers the best in amenities, treatments, fitness guidance and classes to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need to meet your fitness goals. Whether you need a restful weekend in or a quick workout, the facilities on the South Bank of the Thames can get you what you need when you need it.

A healthy lifestyle has become a focal point for those looking to increase their energy levels and look great doing so! In light of this awareness the spa benefits at the Circle Spa are designed to offer you the tools to implement this healthy change.

Free Weights, Equipment, and Instruction

No matter what your workout regimen entails, the Circle Spa has exactly what you need. First time visitors can utilize our Free Fitness Assessment, and receive a personalized program that will help you meet your goals and expectations in no time. Choose from a wide variety of equipment, and learn how easy getting in shape can be! A complete staff of trainers highlights the expertise at the location, only heightening the spa benefits at the Circle Spa. A large array of workout classes offers entertainment and exercise in a single session.

Full Pool and Spa

In addition to steam room and sauna options, the spa benefits at the Circle Spa also feature a 17 meter swimming pool. Swimmers can enjoy all the benefits of a full cardio workout without any of the strain on the joints. Once you’ve finished your invigorating swim, take a few minutes in a sauna to complete the experience.


If working out wasn’t enough, a full bar area offers a great place to finish-off the day’s activities.Once showered up and ready for a night on the town, drop by the lounge and have a drink with a few friends. If there’s a better way to truly release the tension of the day, few have found it.

Complete Spa Facilities and Treatments

Spa SE1

From nutrition specialists to full massages, the spa benefits at the Circle Spa peak with their attention to your personal well-being. Tanning beds and various massage techniques ensure that members are able to have all of their needs met in a single visit.

Bec ause of a centralized location, the Circle Spa draws members from all over the city. The scenic river-side establishment caters to any health or relaxation needs one can imagine, and once members are finished, they are a short walk away from public transportation. Once a workout is finished, and the relaxation has been facilitated, a quick drink and a night out on the
town await.

Anyone looking to get in shape should look no further than this perfectly situated spa nestled next to the Tower Bridge. Those that live or work in the area will love the convenience of having everything a fitness program requires in a single trip, without having to trek across the city. A bustling night-life and the scenic Thames River offer up a unique experience as this perfect combination is seldom found. The SE1 postcode has seen an explosive amount of growth throughout the recent years, and with improvements to the surrounding sights, such as the Tate Art Gallery, there’ s no doubt that this growth will continue. If you find that the area suits your scheduling needs, take a moment to appreciate the spa benefits at the Circle Spa. Or take a quick look at our pool and join us for a swim.