Small Stones Make Big Mountains

” The Man who Moves a Mountain Begins by Carrying away Small Stones” 

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Circle Spa Motivational Quote #5 ” The Man who Moves a Mountain Begins by Carrying away Small Stones” 

Have you ever felt stuck on your task or problem that you want to just runaway and leave them behind as fast as you can?

People as we are we tend to look for easy ways out rather than facing struggles head on. It’s hard for us to think clearly and devise plans on how to resolve certain issues especially when we are already preoccupied about it. Most people panic, get angry, feel down and depressed, stressed, and anxious as they think about the consequences if they are not able to solve their problems or complete certain tasks.

Because of these negative feelings, you sometimes forget that these problems won’t be solved by just worrying about it. It’s either you are too engrossed to take the first step, or you think that taking the first wouldn’t matter anyways as you don’t think you can complete your tasks even if you take as many steps as you can. If this kind of thinking goes on, then it would be impossible for you to achieve anything. They say big things come from small things just like a cent to a million, tiny drops of water to an ocean, and small stones to a mountain.

Yes, you can move a mountain by carrying away small stones. You won’t be able to move big stones anyways if don’t start with small ones. Applying this principle to our daily lives, it means that the first, small steps we make to solve our problems are the most significant ones.

So next time when you are facing a big problem and you are just about to give up, just remember: the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

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 Small Stones Make Big Mountains