Playing with Pilates

Pilates was originally developed in order to assist World War I veterans to regain their core stability, to cope with stress and to get them back into balance. The system focuses on the principles of balance and breathing.

The Basics

The basic idea is that strengthening the core muscles allows you to improve your balance and posture and thus improves the blood flow and air flow around the body. This in turn allows you to improve your powers of concentration.

Core Pilates is more like Yoga than traditional, repetitive abdominal exercises. You will hold each exercise throughout its range.

The Benefits

Pilates help you to elongate your muscles and trim the fat. Your body provides all the resistance necessary and so you do not need to worry about developing huge muscles. Your muscles will become taut and toned though.

What to Expect

Muscle movements are to be performed in a more controlled manner – form is more important than the number of repetitions. Because the movements are so controlled, you are able to exercise more than one muscle group at a time – for example, pulling in your stomach muscles whilst doing arm movements. This has the effect of increasing the results you see over a shorter period.

Some Equipment may be Used

Generally speaking, Pilates equipment should only be used under the supervision of a properly trained individual so it is best to go to your health club London bridge in SE1.

Pilates equipment is fairly simple in construction and helps to increase the resistance against the muscles being exercised. It is not always necessary, however, to use Pilates equipment.

Most will be on the Mat

The original Pilates routine was made up of 34 different exercises that were performed on the floor – no equipment was used. The equipment is intended more for those that battle on their own, such as the elderly.

Weighted balls and elastic bands are some of the equipment that has recently been incorporated into Pilates routines to increase the effectiveness of the workout. In most cases, your local London Bridge gym will provide the equipment that you need.

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Playing with Pilates