Martin Shyvers

About Martin 

Martin has always been keen on a wide variety of sports, including Athletics, Rugby, and more recently a number of extreme sports, such as surfing and climbing. Therefore after many years of studying and taking part in sport it seemed only natural for him to take his knowledge and experience in training and fitness and use it in personal training to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Martin has over ten years experience working in the industry and since joining City Trainers in early 2006 has enjoyed success in not only person training but also with swim teaching and group fitness.

Marin Shyvers- Personal TrainerSpecialist Areas

  • Core Strength Training
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Training
  • Advanced Swim Coaching


  • Premier Optimum Sports Nutrition
  • Premier Personal Training Diploma
  • Premier Circuit Training
  • Premier Body Massage
  • Premier Sports Massage Therapy
  • Body Life Interactive Trainer
  • Mad Dog Spinning
  • Pad Boxing
  • ASA Swim Teacher
  • Poliquin Institute CP1
  • Poliquin Institute CP2
  • Extreme Kettlebells Beginners & Advanced
  • PowerPlate