Jay Miles

About Jay

Jay has had 5 years experience in the industry as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for sports teams. Having qualified as an exercise specialist in South Africa with the Health and Fitness Professions Association. He has had the amazing opportunity to coach strength and conditioning in South Africa schools for learners involved in rugby, hockey, water polo and netball.

Jay Miles Personal Trainer SE1 GymWhilst enjoying success coaching in educational institutions Jay has also had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of other clients including South African Paralympic swimmers and body building athletes. In addition Jay has also had experience in working in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation and biokinetics. These have contributed to developing his coaching skills as a highly knowledgeable, well-rounded personal trainer.

Jay’s philosophy is very simple and is based around a variety, intensity, progression and developing concentration during training in order that one gets the most from every training session. Furthermore he is a firm believer in educating the client as well as developing them physically in order that they are able to start taking responsibility for their own health and fitness and to increase confidence and self reliance when it comes to taking care of their own personal well being.

Jay enjoys Olympic and power lifting in his own training regimen. He takes the principles on which his own performance is based and applies these to his own training of his clients. Jay preaches one thing above all – if you want to look better, perform better.


  • BSc psychology (including sports psychology)
  • HFPA National Certificate in Exercise Science (personal trainer)
  • HFPA National Diploma in Exercise Science (Exercise Specialist and Advanced Personal Trainer)
  • Advanced Olympic lifting and strength training
  • Advanced anaerobic conditioning

 Specialist Areas

  • Strength and healthy weight gain
  • Weight control/loss
  • Sport specific strength conditioning
  • Olympic lifting
  • Increasing anaerobic fitness for sport
  • Developing core and pelvic stability
The Circle Spa, Queen Elizabeth Street, Southwark, London SE1 2JE.
Tel. 020 7378 7112 Fax. 020 7357 8518

Jay Miles – Personal Trainer