Alex Shoebridge

About Alex 

Alex believes in helping people to build a better body to live in, no matter what their individual goals are.

Alex enjoys a variety of training methods and knows this is key to achieving results. Without variety training can begin to stagnate and when results stop coming it is very easy to become de-motivated and slip back into bad habits. So by keeping things fun and fresh and motivational at all times, he will endeavor to make sure this never happens!

Alex has a very keen interest in nutrition, and its effects on people’s lifestyle and training. Alex will do all he can to incorporate his knowledge on the subject into your training programs.

Alex is thoughtful and conscientious, and will promise to be with you every step of the way.

Alex personal trainerSpecialist Areas

  • Increasing Muscle Mass
  • Weight Management
  • Circuit Training
  • VibroGym (PowerPlate)
  • Strength and Power Training


  • Premier Optimum Sports Nutrition
  • Premier Personal Training Diploma
  • Premier Sports Massage Therapy
  • Community Sports Leader Award
  • Smart Clinic Advanced Swiss Ball Training
  • Pad Boxing
  • Qualified Bosu Instructor
  • Poliquin Institute CP1
  • Poliquin Institute CP2