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Time to Start Going to the Gym

January can be a tough month to get motivated and that is why January 21st has become known as ‘Blue Monday’. By this time of the month a lot of people are running low on cash and have let their good intentions and New Year’s resolutions slip. But why should the New Year always mean giving up things you enjoy? A better and more positive way to start your New Year is by thinking about things you can start doing for yourself, not beating yourself up because you let the diet slip and didn’t have a ‘dry’ month.

Exercise is hands down the best way to feel good about yourself, tone up and lose weight without having to give up all the foods you love. We all know that exercise is good for our physical health but it is just as good for our mental well-being. Exercise releases endorphins so working out not only helps you shift those excess Christmas pounds but it will also help you beat the January blues.

new year gymJust imagine all of those happy endorphins going around your body:)

It has been shown that exercise can actually help cure the mild depression experienced by many people after the Christmas holidays, putting the spring back in their step before spring has actually sprung.

If you are feeling sluggish, tired and a bit down in the dumps then getting fit and active will make you feel like a new person and increase your energy levels making you feel more motivated, happy and raring to take on whatever 2013 throws at you.

  • You don’t have to spend hours sweating it out in the gym every day either; even moderate, regular exercise will make a real difference.
  • Think about the feelings you will get after exercise this is the true meaning and what you should focus on when you are looking for a reason to do something or not do something, think about the feeling you will get afterwards.
  • So why don’t you make it your New Year’s Resolution to start exercising and join a gym today?

State of the Art Gym

If you are looking for a gym near London Bridge, our state-of-the-art gym is kitted out with everything you need whether you want to do a quick work out or a like to take your time.

If you need extra motivation then you can take part in a wide range of classes, get your own personal training trainer or take a dip in our luxurious swimming pool you can swim a few lengths a few times a week and get out feeling top of the world.

Whatever you’re level of fitness make 2013 the year you do something for yourself by making exercise a part of your life. We would be delighted in seeing you as a member of the Circle Gym and Spa if you are ever in SE1.

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New Year Gym