Learn Freestyle Swimming Techniques in SE1

Learn Freestyle Swimming Techniques

When it comes to performing the perfect freestyle technique while swimming, you need to ponder a few different aspects of the stroke. It simply isn’t just jumping forward into the water and waving your arms all about, there are actually specific aspects of the swimming technique you need to follow in order to properly master the stroke. All of these small adjustments lead to massive improvements into how you swim, resulting in some rather impressive reductions in your overall swimming time.

Learn Freestyle Swimming TechniquesCreative Commons License Adjust your head position. Your upper back and neck should be relaxed, with your head cocked forward about 45 degrees. Do not burry your head into your chest, as this actually weighs down your body, causing you to slow down the overall speed of your swim. Do not look forward too far either, as the elongated neck pointing up causes fatigue and discomfort.

When you swim forward, make sure every swim stroke is completely extended forward to the maximum length. To do this, concentrate on an area about 15 inches ahead of you or so, then reach for this position and pull backward. Your arm and shoulder should be completely extended when your hand reaches the water. You then want to pull your hand back towards your body as you push the water current around you.

While you are reaching forward, you also need to concentrate on the body rotation. This is basically a pivoting movement in which your body slightly rotates from one shoulder to the other as you stroke. This means when your right arm is completely extended in front of you and your left arm is about to exit the water behind you, your body should pivot to the right, then when your left arm is fully extended in front of you, your body pivots to the left. Every time you pivot, your body rotates about 120 degrees. This allows the water being pushed back from your fully extended arm to receive less contact with your body, which reduces the drag your body creates and improves the overall speed you are able to obtain while swimming.

Avoid shortening your stroke. When you are swimming, avoid shortening your stroke. Many swimmers do this by lifting their elbows out of the water and their hands when  the elbow is still bent. This is actually just shortening the stroke, which reduces the overall speed you are able to accomplish when swimming. Instead, don’t pull the arm out of the water until it is completely extended back in the opposite direction. This way, you receive the maximum amount of pull while swimming, which results in the best speed possible and ensures you can swim the furthest distance in the shortest amount of time.

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Learn Freestyle Swimming Techniques