How To Build Muscle As a Stay At Home Mom

Building muscle can be a chore. When you are a stay at home mom it is even more difficult at times to get that muscle that you are wanting. There are some great ways you can easily build muscle while hanging out with your children. Whether you work out in a gym or at home, here are some tips for those busy stay at home moms who want to tone up their bodies and gain some muscle.

Work-Out With Your Kids

Get some light weights and use them with your children at home. You can teach them great ways to stay healthy and fit while they are growing. They can work out with you and learn the right way to do the work outs. You can take a jog around the block or you can bike ride. Either way you are getting a great workout and helping your kids learn at the same time. 

Use Your Kids

You can build muscle simply by picking up your children every day. Try doing bicep curls while your child is hanging off your arms. Use them as your weights to increase your resistance as you work out .These are great ways for mom to build muscle and for the kiddos to have a fun time. They are helping you and you are having fun. 

Sneak Away To The Gym 

Sometimes you can find a little time to sneak away to the gym to get in a great workout. This is especially so when you have dad coming home. When he has made it home from work, mom can sneak off to get in a full workout or class. By lifting weights you can increase your muscle mass. 

Find a Child Friendly Gym

You can also find a gym that offers childcare. These are great family gyms and everyone has fun. Mom gets some down time and gets to have her workout. The children get to play with other children and have fun experiences. Everyone wins in the situation. Many gym owners realize the need for child care at their classes and gym so they offer special areas with supervision just for that. 

Get Anabolic Help

You can also consider using products to help you build muscle mass with smaller effort. You can check out different products that will help you to build mass while you are working out.

Whether you find a new gym or you use your children as weights, building muscle mass for stay at home moms is easier than you think.  Make sure you are eating healthy and working hard so you will see solid results in time!

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