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Firstly we want to thank you for taking the time out to check this post for the circle gym in se1. If you just found this post on the net and curious about joining a gym in se1 perhaps you would like to see a video of the gym you can do so by clicking the link below, or if you prefer you can see the video of the spa and swimming pool by clicking the corresponding relevant link below or lastly if you want to see a map of where we are click the link that says gym near me:

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>> Gym near me

Your still here so I will presume you’re just looking for an update on what is new at the circle gym and spa?

There have been some recent movements at the gym Emma who was working with us on reception has just moved on after a wonderful period of 3 years. She has gone to pastures new and we take the time in this post to thank for her time here and we wish her much success in her future.

Our new arrival of Clare on reception brings with her a wealth of experience which she gathered working at a local hotel reception in se1 and has already settled in and quickly feels like part of the fixtures at the gym. Look out for on her bike dashing around se1.

Talking of bikes, we have just got some fantastic Keizer spin bikes for the spin studio and if you fancy doing a class pop and see them as the feedback we have got from them is just superb. After collaboration and feedback from members trainers and some of the largest fitness club’s worldwide, we can honestly say that these bikes really rock and the feedback from the members has been mind blowing they just love them.

We have just had a completely new steam room, which some members say feels wonderful like a relaxing time zone space shuttle, which can help you cleanse your skin, reduce your chances of getting a cold as it  flushes  out toxins and increased blood flow to promote healing and aid de-toxing. But if you prefer dry heat then you can check out our new sauna and the heat gives you some of the benefits of a cardiovascular workout without the exercise.

We love to receive feedback from our members and have taken on board the feedback and desire for some different energy drinks and they are now flying off the shelves and the gym team say that they are great pre or post work drink.

Before we sign off in this post just to let you know guys that also new to the gym is free wi-fi available in the reception area and some of our members are enjoying the luxury of being able to quickly check their emails just before they hit the treadmill or switch off in the swimming pool or bubbling Jacuzzi.

We look forward to seeing you soon and thank all members for your valued feedback and thank you for choosing us as your se1 gym.