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Over the years, the hula hoop has changed a great deal. It is no longer just a fad or a craze. Hoops are being used for artistic expression, fitness, relaxation, meditation and various other reasons. People that use them range from younger children to business executives, hippies and ravers to students and teenagers. With so many unique types of people, there are many unique locations that represent the hoop and you might just wonder how it is able to connect with so many different people. Below are 3 different types of hula hoops available.

Glow in the Dark Hula

With the multicolor, beautiful LED glow hula hoop, you can really stand out from the crowd. It is perfect for adults and children and can be used for many purposes like professional performance, fitness training or just plain old fun. These come with brilliant lights and are good for isolations or different hand tricks.

Weighted Hula Hoops for Fitness

When it comes to exercising, hula hoops are a good alternative and may help you with toning up your body and burning that belly fat. They provide many benefits that will help to put you in great shape. They can enhance flexibility and stamina as well. Working out can get boring and old and this is usually the reason why many people quit doing it. Once you lose motivation, you can lose your morale and this is when the weight gain can happen all over again. Hula hoops keep exercising exciting.

Weighted hoops are made with a thick tube and offers enough weight that is not too heavy, but enough to get a good workout. The hula hoop range here at come in many different styles like standard, deluxe and decoration for an example. You can also find hula hoops that are smaller for kids and are made of better quality than cheap toy store hoops.

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Fire Hula Hoop

These types of hoops are becoming more popular these days and more people are considering buying them. Some questions come up about which fire hoops are best or which ones are the heaviest, lightest or most portable.

The heavy hoop tends to move more slowly and will give you a better workout. The lighter hoop will be faster and is easiest to toss with. It will not tire you out as the heavier one might, but you will have to work even harder with this hoop.

Your fire hoop size should be around the same size of what you hoop with now. The spines will make the hoop feel a bit larger than it really is. You might want to get a slightly smaller one than what you are presently using. The weight that is added from the spines will make up for the difference in size. One popular hoop that people buy these days is the collapsible Fire hoop, especially if they travel a lot and do professional performances. However, if you do not plan on travelling too much, it might not be a necessary choice for you. There is not a huge difference between a collapsible hoop and a regular hoop and both will react in much the same way with the same qualities.

It is time for you to buy one and start the fun workout. Visit the site for hula hoop range here

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3 Unique Hula Hoop Options For Hours of Fun


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