Bollywood Dance Classes in London

Thank you for visiting our website. You are most probably looking for professional Bollywood Dance Classes in London, United Kingdom. And Sapnay School of Dance has the best dance teachers in the country to help you become a professionally trained dancer.

With our years of expertise as the leading dance school in London, we have our highly trained dance teacher who have under gone over 2 decades and even in some cases since they were little kids, dancing lessons.  So they know the best when it comes to teaching the core of Bollywood dancing.


It’s said that Sapnay School of Dance is the rising star of the UK Bollywood Dance Scene in United Kingdom. Sapnay has Dance centres in Harrow, Northwood, Kingsbury, Finchley and a new centre launch in Ilford.

All the Bollywood Choreography is headed by Ash Oberoi who is a Bollywood Choreographer in London and the Artistic Director of Sapnay School of Dance.

From a young age she has been pioneering through several Bollywood dance disciplines such as Bhangra, Contemporary and even teaches Street and Hip Hop dance styles at the Sapnay Dance Academy in London.

Sapnay become the rising start in the UK’s Bollywood dance scene since offering outstanding performances  and along their journey they had the privilege to work with well known figures from the industry. Most of them are famous Bollywood actors and actresses, singers and or other highly skilled artists.

As dance academy it’s our goal to train our students to be the best dancers, and we preach our skills to providing the best. That’s the reason we are in the industry for such a long time and hundreds of students come to us every month to learn dance skills.

See more details about us below where Ash explains our trainings and about our academy in London.

By: Ash Oberoi