Commercial Rubbish Clearances In London By Express Waste Removals

There has been a significant increase on the volumes of waste produced by cities around the world. London has not been left behind and thousands of tons of commercial waste are generated every month and this means that the need for clearing such waste continues to grow each day! Commercial waste can include anything from the waste found in hotels, restaurants schools, public parks, move halls, offices, and such like. What’s the best way to effectively handle such waste without breaking the laid rules and regulations of waste disposal? Simple. Talk to Express waste Removals! We are the leading commercial waste clearance company, with many years of experience handling all manner of waste. The good thing with express waste removals is that we combine professionalism reliability, and affordability all into one.

We handle all types of commercial waste including;

Express-Waste-RemovalsFood and non food material: these are produced by manufacturers, processing plants and distributors in the market such as supermarkets. Unsold fresh foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, etc are targeted for organic waste compost; processed foods and milk go through a different process of disposal.  Majority of non food material such as electronic devices are recycled/remodelled and reused while others are incinerated.

Construction waste:  think of broken glass, nails, roofing materials, packaging materials, concrete, blocks, broken bricks, scrap metal, wooden structures, damaged pipes, wires, and so forth.  Construction waste also includes hazardous waste such as paints. Our commercial rubbish clearance London teams are well qualified and versed in handling all manner of hazardous waste that needs to be specially handled and disposed of.

Medical and chemical waste:  this includes waste from hospitals and laboratories; such waste has to be handled carefully before being transported for incineration in designated areas. Express Waste Removals can handle such waste professionally, just give us a call and let’s discuss the way forward.

What Can You Expect From Express Waste Removals?

  1. Right tools and equipment for the job; we have specially designed vans that can handle all types of commercial waste. In instances where the waste is bulky and requires to be lifted off, our specially designed vehicles will get the job done with ease! Still, our clearance teams are all equipped with special safety clothing and gear to protect them from any harm when in the line of duty. Doesn’t matter how smelly or filthy the commercial waste is, we will gladly and ably get the job done. Our fleet of vehicles and equipment can haul and transport large volumes of waste within a very short period of time.
  2. New technology; we rely on the latest technology that assists in the recycling and re-use of material. Plastic materials for example, once collected  are taken through a process of cleaning, sorting, recycled or remodelled into other types of material in a very short time.  Technology reduces the time of converting trash into reusable material for the market.
  3. Same day services; commercial waste clearance can be a tedious task depending on the volume of waste that’s to be cleared. But we are ever dedicated and ready, you can call us over on short notice and we’ll be there! The fact that we are able to dispatch multiple clearance teams means that we have no excuse not to come over as and when you need us. Most commercial clearance teams will want you to inform them well in advance if you need them; but Express Waste Removals is ever ready and on standby! Feel free to talk to us any day, any time.
  4. Best rates; our rates and prices are strictly dependent on the volume of commercial waste that needs to be cleared. The more there is, the more you’ll be charged, while the less there’s means you’ll pay less. But even that aside, we always ensure that our prices are competitive and never exploitative. We do not charge you for labour or parking, plus we always ensure that we clean up before departing; all at no extra cause. As a client, you stand to enjoy handsome and pleasant discounts from Express Waste Removals each time you hire us.

Commercial-clearance-by-express-waste-removalsCommercial waste, whether toxic or not, calls for special handling right from the sorting process, to collecting and disposal. The law is very clear on littering and leaving traces of such waste in the streets when transporting it. Which is why our specially designed vehicles can handle large volumes of waste and ensure than everything is safely enclosed. We like working with regular clients because we are able to plan and have our clearance teams come over after every few days or weeks, depending on our agreement. Don’t wait until the waste has accumulated into piles; this may affect your business operations, displease your customers, or even cause disease outbreaks.

Let your commercial premises operate in a clean, tidy, and well aerated atmosphere; Express Waste Removals will make this possible without having to cost you an arm and a leg. Get in touch today for more details on 020 8099 9819 or visit the website.

The customer care team is always on standby 24/7.

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