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AMH Pianos is a London based Piano tuning, repairs and removal company by experienced local business owner. In this article we have got owner of AMH Pianos to share with us how he got started and what made him move to London and service local community in this buzzing city in United Kingdom.

Here you go from Andy’d own words…

Andy-HowardMy name is Andy Howard and I recently started AMH Pianos following relocation to London. Having qualified in 1992 as a Dip. AEWVH accredited Piano Tuner/Technician from the Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford, I have extensive work experience with a number of organisations covering all types and aspects of pianos.  Whilst the physicality of my work was extensively covered during my studies, it has taken me years of experience to understand and master the complex science that underpins the construction and functionality of a piano.  Needless to say that anyone who gains experience of their skill becomes better at it with time.

As a traditionally trained London Piano tuner, I use tuning forks to gage and adjust the alterations in the instrument’s pitch.  Not only has this provided ample training for my hearing, it is also a good example of resonance in practice.  Adjusting for the correct pitch i.e. resonant frequency is a prerequisite for tuning a piano who’s internals are affected by a fluctuation in moisture and temperature.  Given that Britain is a cold country, on a higher latitude, there are seasonal variations, causing extreme temperature gradients.  To complicate matters further, the presence of radiators and central heating with intermittent running times can all affect a piano’s sound in the long run.  Therefore a good piano tuner/technician will always account for the difference in sound caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the material.

AMH-PianosWhilst it is possible to read and understand the science behind acoustics, resonance and thermodynamics, it is an expert craft to provide each individually unique piano that attention and care that will allow the creation of great sounding personal music. Certainly, my customers are often interested in the finer details of what my work specifically involves. If asked about the specifics of what I do, I try and explain as best as possible to interested people what is necessary for great sound and I do it with a smile. I feel that with greater knowledge, I may be able to allow someone to create even better, more personal music, which is ultimately my end goal. Please get in touch if I could help you become more involved in making great music yourself.

AMH Pianos, Tel: 07500 661581 Email: or find us on Social Media and how we work in London, United Kingdom.

Andrew Charalambous – Entrepreneur from London, UK

In the 1992 General Election, Andrew Charalambous stood for the conservatives as the youngest candidate. He had been a member and a financier of the Conservative Party. Mr. Charalambous came second in the 2010 Edmond elections.

Andrew-CharalambousIn 2011, Charalambous switched from the Conservative Party to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) because of failure of the Conservative coalition government to deliver on the UK-EU referendum and their failure to deal effectively with immigration and health matters. Charalambous serves as the national housing spokesman for UKIP. As a UKIP candidate, he came fourth in the Feltham and Heston by-election in 2011.

Andrew Charalambous is passionate about matters of the environment and believes that we should be more harmonious and less exploitative towards the earth to ensure the current and future generations will enjoy the beauty and resources that nature has to offer. He is of the opinion that the integration of science and spirituality in the lives of people is one of the best ways of enhancing overall well-being. For instance, contemporary science should work together with ancient wisdom and alternative healthcare should join forces with conventional medicine.

His interest in spirituality has him to go in search of the leading believers and teachers of this way of life. The search has let him spend time with indigenous tribes in some of the most remote locations.

He holds a Law degree from the University of London in United Kingdom. Mr. Charalambous pursued a Doctorate in Business Administration. He is qualified as Barrister-At-Law and is a member of the Honourable Society of Grays Inn. Since 1993, he has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Charalambous’s green ideas were materialized when he built Surya, the first ecological music venue in the world. The piezoelectric dance floor was created to generate electrical energy by harnessing movement of the people on that  venue’s floor. For this popular initiative, Andrew Charalambous has been named “Green guru to the stars” and Doctor Earth. The music venue has created huge interest around the globe and that is why he has received numerous invitations from scholars and foreign Governments to investigate a variety of environmental projects.

Andrew Charalambous with Mayor of London, Boris JohnsonCharalambous heads the Universitas Sancti Crilli team which has partnered with the United Nations in a campaign meant to promote reduction of disaster in the world. As leader of the team, Charalambous was bestowed with an honorary professorship.

Charalambous has stated that the natural ecological world is threatened by pollution in country and degradation of natural resources such as rivers and forests.

Charalambous normally  enjoys acquiring new entrepreneurial skills and enjoying new life experiences. That is probably why he volunteered eighteen years of his life to serve the Honourable Artillery Company in the United Kingdom.

He has made his millions in housing in UK business as a successful landlord.. He has not always been wealthy in the beginning of his career. So we can say that Andrew Charalambous is a self-made millionaire with humble beginnings.

He believes in a making the world a better place for all. Andrew Charalambous has a forward-thinking personality and is optimistic of a bright future if only the vast human potential can be applied and driven towards making a positive difference for the society. You can also see more details about his work and visionary think on his UKIP Housing website:

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