Buddy PT

Dont Go Solo Get a Buddy

Circle Spa brings to you a fresh and exciting new approach to personal training that aims to combine the expert personalised programming that characterises Circle Spa PT with the fun, social and low cost of training in a group.

You and a friend can now experience all the benefits of exercise sessions tailored to your specific goals and ability by a qualified PT and still enjoy the support, motivation and encouragement of exercising with your training buddy.

This innovative new approach to PT has been designed with YOU in mind aimed at maximising the enjoyment and cost effectiveness of your PT experience.

personal training So if you love training in a group but feel you need expert tuition to take your fitness level to the next level….or if you have always wanted to reap the enormous benefits of personal training but have always felt it was financially out of your results, Buddy PT maybe the answer!!

Ask any of personal trainers or at circle spa reception for more details on prices and product availability.


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Buddy PT