Be Strong Not Weak

“We are all born small and weak. We all grow old and weak. What you do in between is up to you”

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Circle Spa Motivational Quote #4″We are all born small and weak. We all grow old and weak. What you do in between is up to you”

Did you know that if you are not exercising regularly, by the time you are 65 you may lose as much as 80% of your muscle strength?

But regular exercising is good not only for your body. Some scientists have found a link between fitness and serotonin (the brain chemical responsible with sleep, wake cycles, libido, appetite and mood). After exercising, the serotonin levels in the brain increase and this reaction leads to improved mood and feelings of well-being. Additionally, exercise boosts your self-esteem and confidence and help you achieve your goal of losing inches and tone up. Moreover, a recent study stated that exercising regularly can reduce the number of colds you get. But let’s not exaggerate! Too much exercising can affect the immune system and weaken you entire organism.

Now, that you know the befits of fitness… are you ready for some action?

The Circle Spa is a family run gym in London that can provide a wide range of services: fitness classes, swimming pools. You think you won’t manage exercising on your own? The Circle Spa  has worked with renowned trainers for over 12 years. All the trainers are highly skilled and highly attentive to their clients. Moreover, The Circle Spa is the best place where you can charge up your batteries after an exhausting week at the office. Refresh Beauty is a Spa saloon where you can relax and revitalize your body. The therapists will soothe yo by massaging your body using essential oils and other alternative techniques. All you have to do is lie down and  enjoy your time!

Break the vicious circle of inactivity!  Exercise daily at The Circle Spa!

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Be Strong Not Weak