Be Mindful During Your Swim Practice

While most people immediately feel relaxed when swimming there are a few people who have different experiences. Is your experience something like this?

Lap One: You’re totally focused, and your mind is thinking, “Alright, I can do this.”Gold medal picture of success

Lap Two: You start losing count of your strokes. One, two, three, breathe. One, two, three, four, five, breathe. One, two…shoot, I forgot to buy eggs when I went to the store.

Lap Three: Your mind has broken from its meditative, focused state and started thinking about the awkward conversation you had with your boss earlier.

Lap Four: You can’t get those Adele lyrics out of your head. You’re not even sure if they’re right.

Lap Five: You realize you’ve drifted into someone else’s lane.

Lap Six: Your mind is almost as tired as your arms, and you think, “Can I be done with my workout now?”

Perhaps this is your experience with swimming routines. With a tight cap and a pair of goggles, you plunge into the water and realize: it’s just you, alone with your thoughts. The mind starts to wander, and you break from your initial workout focus. This makes it so easy to carry on with a distracted, lazy workout.

Here’s the thing: if you’re distracted during your workout, you won’t get the full benefits. Swimming strengthens the heart, builds endurance, improves flexibility, and increases circulation. And while it’s easy on the joints, it requires a little intensity.

In the Circle Spa pool, you can enter an atmosphere that promotes the spirit of relaxation. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to relax your body, but you should do all you can to relax your mind. In our soothing pool atmosphere, find a comfort in meditation while you swim, and you’ll see the benefits increase tremendously. Discover more details on the pool information page.

The pool can offer many forms of exercise besides swimming laps. You can run in place, do water aerobics, or use the water as resistance for strength training. You can also strengthen your lungs and circulatory system by doing “dolphin dives”: come up for air, then dive down and touch the bottom, repeating until you reach the other end of the pool.

Be Mindful During Your Swim Practice