A Sports Bra Buying Guide For Plus Sized Women

A Sports Bra That Fit

Sports bras are imperative for any fitness activities. It is specially designed to give you comfort during your workout session. The problem is, if you purchase the wrong size, it will not only lead to sagging breasts. It will also bring forth breathing discomforts and muscle tensions especially if its band is too tight. As you know, not all lingerie is specifically designed to fit all women. Furthermore, this can be a tedious task especially for first timers. For that reason, this buying guide will help you choose the right plus size sports bras perfect for every workout activities you will do.

Sports BraWhile there are some lingerie stores that offer free fitting, most of these stores don’t. If you’re going to purchase online, for example at dressity.com, you have to know and provide them your specific measurements especially when buying plus size sports bras. Hence; you have to know the proper way of getting your bust measurement, bust measurement and cup size. In doing this, you should use a tailor’s measuring tape and wear a non-padded bra. To determine your bust measurement, loosely place the tape measure around your breast. Make sure that the tape is straight from back to front. The same goes with band measurement. However, you will place the tape above your rib cage or below your breast and add three inches to the width you have obtained. If the result is an odd number, you have to add another one inch. For example, you got 34 inches. If you add three inches, it would sum-up to 37 inches, an odd number. So, you have to add another inch to make it 38 inches. As for your cup size, you can get this by subtracting your band size from your bust size. From there, you can base your result from a cup size chart that is typically available in most underwear stores that sell plus size sports bras.


Donna Karan Sports Bra Put To The Bounce Test at HerRoom.com

Types of Sports Bra

Once you know your specific measurements, you can now move on to what type of plus size sports bras do you want. Basically, there are a lot of sport bra designs you can opt for. You can narrow your choices through these questions. First, you have to ask yourself what type of activity is this underwear for? Ideally, women should own both types of sports bras which are the compression type and the encapsulation type. The compression type is designed for activities that require medium-impact while the encapsulation type is for high-impact activities. You should also consider opting for sport bras with mesh ventilation for sweat-control. Another question to think about is if you’re going to use it indoor or outdoor. Most women prefer to workout without tops. If you’re one of them, then you have to opt for plus size sports bras with cute designs and made of breathable materials. With that, you can check out dessity.com for a variety sport bra designs perfectly made for your body structure.

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A Sports Bra Buying Guide For Plus Sized Women